Here's What The 
Awe-Thentically You! Revolution 
Is All About…
"Your Guru Is Inside You. Trust Yourself."
 -Tamara Bess
Tamara Bess,
The 2 Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself 
Right Now To Release Fear
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The Reason Why
Imagine a world where instead of feeling defeated and that life isn't fair because of the things that have happened in our pasts, the world is full of people who have activated their inner guru and are fully empowered to embrace their unique Awe-Thenticity in everything they do?
What would that look like?
When you begin to be true to who you really are, in what ways would you treat yourself differently? How would this change the way you interact in relationship to your family and friends?  What would empowering yourself to step into your Awe-Thenticity free you up to accomplish, now that you know how to unblock your real, true self?

When our world is filled with Awe-Thentic people, resilient and self-directed by their inner gurus:
How much happier, joyful and vibrant would the world be?
How much more able would the world be to deal with the ups and downs that happen on a day-to-day basis?
How would things change if we understood how to be trigger-free in the face of world events that are traumatic?
How much more ready would we all be to embody love and acceptance toward ourselves and others?
How much more vibrant would the world be, filled with action takers who are living their best lives and realizing their destinies?

That is the life that we, at the Awe-Thentically You! Revolution are committed to living.

Every single injustice, pain, trauma and disappointment that you've experienced without being resolved "lives" within you in what we call your "Body History." This is where unresolved emotions from those experiences and the beliefs laid down in response to those experiences reside. Whether they are small "t" traumas (like not being listened to, losing your job or experiencing the loss of a pet) or big "T" traumas (like those that cause serious injury or threat of injury or death) - your Body History is in place to help you heal.

You were born with the innate capability for self-healing. We call that ability your inner guru. Once the healing has taken place, the guide is still a valued, powerful part of your life . . . . guiding you to your greater vision.

We believe that although your connection to your inner guru may be disconnected, it is the birthright of every single individual to tap into this unending source of well-being. You were meant to rise above everything that happened to you. You were meant to live out the dream you imagined before time, events or people led you to believe that this wasn't possible for you.

It is possible. And you deserve it.

This is the core purpose of the Awe-Thentically You! Revolution: to build a powerful movement, a tribe of beautifully resilient people who understand and activate their powerful inner gurus. These people are destined to break through barriers and inject love into the world where pain used to exist. They are destined to create wonder in a world where there has been lack of awe. Because they believe in deep healing followed by an Awe-Thentic and empowered life. For themselves and for everyone. 

It all starts with a decision. A decision that you are no longer going wait, but are going to do whatever it takes to pursue fully living your birthright. You. Awe-thentic.
The key to living your life in Awe-Thenticity is to start taking steps that resonate with who you know you really are. When you do that, you must be ready to tackle anything that pops up to get in your way. This process invites you into relationship with your inner guru and toward healing and empowerment at deeper levels. You must correct harmful beliefs hidden within your Body History, understand how to release your fears, how to replace them with powerful self-directed truths and learn how to use the tools and resources that are already yours. 
The second key is to surround yourself with a community of people who are vulnerable, honest, open, supportive and who are already doing it.
We, you, this site, this community are dedicated to leading a revolution of people who are committed releasing limitations that block Awe-Thenticity and realizing, accepting and embodying the fundamental truth that we are worthy of Love & Acceptance. 
From this place of Love & Acceptance we know that creativity, love and freedom flow as we build a better reality for ourselves and for the world.
I KNOW I've Got What It Takes to Do Better Than This!
This the first beginning of awareness of something greater that people realize on their discovery to living life healed and guided by their inner guru. It usually comes after the question: Why did this happen to me? This is a Universal question in response to the reality that Life can knock us around . . . . but something inside says: "I've got to overcome. I can. I will!"

If you have had this conversation with yourself, one of the following will resonate with you.
  • You know that the life that you are living now is standing in the shadows of the life that you were created to live.
  • You feel lost and let down, often taking it out on those around you, those who you love most, but you just don`t know where to turn.
  • Every single day you feel as though it`s groundhog day, running the same routines over and over again to get the same unhappy result.
  • You are sick and tired of some of the limiting beliefs, fears and destructive behaviors that seem to take over your life.
You feel as though everyone and everything else is controlling your life and that ultimately you are losing the battle of living the life that you know you were created to live.
  • You know that you were created for something more.
  • You want to share this desire with a community of people who feel the same, a community of people who will challenge you to the core to help you get there.
  • You KNOW that you have gifts and talents to share in a community - where you hope to bring your life vision into reality.
You were born to impact the world in the most amazing way and deep down you know it.
The world needs you to take ownership of your life and to live Awe-Thentically that life that you were created to live. It`s now or never. 

This journey is not easy – it`s confronting, it`s challenging and it requires nothing but complete and utter dedication but the results are worth it. There are a many, many other people who know, deep down, that they are destined for something more. Just like you. They share your beliefs. They`re on this page right now, reading this along with you. They are all over the world.

You`re in good company.
A little about The Name
Awe-Thentically: Genuine and real. Original. Creating awe through awareness and growth. Free from the residual effects of trauma, pain and fear.

A human being unique in the world. Worthy. Full of grace and clear vision of your purpose.

A forceable overthrow in favor of a new way of doing things. Changing the reality of what it means to be healed, whole and a force for good in the world.

Awe-Thentically You! The Revolution:

To forcibly challenge the fears, obstacles and damaging behaviors in your life in pursuit of committing yourself to revealing your Awe-Thentic Self, living a life full of wonder and stepping into your unique vision for the future.
What does YOUR Awe-Thentic life look like? 
We all have dreams, passions and gifts that if we fully released into the world, would make the world an amazing place to live in. Your Awe-Thentic gifts can create a world for you and others in which you become addicted to waking up in every single day. Simply to see what`s next.

It is this life, the one that you desire to live, that it is our goal to unlock. Whether the life that you were created to live is to be the best role model to a future generation, to ensure that there is no homeless in your local community, or to find a cure for cancer. Whatever your Awe-Thentic life is, it's important that the world has the opportunity to meet the your Awe-Thenticity and benefit from your unique gifts.

And so now it is time to start your awe-thentically yourevolution. If you are reading these words and right now your heart is racing, make a decision to take the first step to living the life that you were created to live and join 1000's of others who are committed to unleashing their Awe-Thenticity.

It's time, isn't it?

You can start this moment. Right now. And in seven days you will have embarked upon an incredible process of discovering and unlocking who you were really created to be.

Let's do this.
7 Days to Living Your 
Awe-Thentic Life on Purpose Masterclass
  • 7 Kick-Start Life Changing Modules
  •  Awe-Thentically YOU Purpose Discovery Assessment Tool
  • How To Move From Confusion or Pain Into Your Awe-Thentic Purpose
But who am I to say this?
I'm Tamara.

I am no different than you in that my life began with challenges and trauma from the beginning. I suffered from childhood illnesses (asthma/pneumonia), developed a debilitating fear of dogs after being attacked by my grandmother’s dog at the age of 5 and had a sense that I didn’t belong or wasn’t “good enough” because of the struggles of my parents. I had few friends throughout my childhood and teenage years - I didn't really fit in with my peers due to overwhelming anxiety, self-doubt, excessive (and inappropriate) guilt and depression.

In high school, because of the pressures of my family dynamics, I developed an eating disorder and debilitating migraine headaches, which led to doubts as to whether I would even graduate.

As a result of the beliefs and patterns of my childhood, I went on to participate in 30 years of unhealthy relationships involving so much confusion and pressure to be something other than my Awe-Thentic Self - believing that this sacrifice of myself was the only way I could be loved. The belief that I wasn't worthy to be loved was so strong that I endured decades of emotional isolation, spiritual oppression, sexual mistreatment and physical violence.

And yet, throughout my entire life, I remained committed to the edict that I had created for myself at the age of 7: To Harm No One. The downside of this edict what that I continuously struggled to keep myself out of harm's way. 

Therapists weren't helpful - they seemed to fear my deep and extensive pain. They didn't seem to have answers, only more questions and simple solutions that didn't reach the depth of my need. I became acutely aware that if I was to heal, I had to do it alone.

 The most important thing that I did develop throughout a lifetime of trauma was RESILIENCE: the ability to master change, to thrive under pressure and to bounce back from setbacks. Slowly, over the years, I developed tools for healing myself and for overcoming each new trauma with renewed strength. 

With that resilience and the tools I've developed along my journey, I have been able to strip away layers of self-doubt, fear, anxiety and depression . . . . Resulting in a renewed awareness of my strengths and the gifts I have for the world. 

I have been able to unlock the keys, tools and resources that totally transformed my life and allowed me to live true to my Awe-Thentic Voice.  

Over the past 20 years, as I've been perfecting these tools in my own life, I've also been watching these same tools make miraculous differences for my clients in private practice. I have seen these tools empower others to use them to take their Awe-Thentic lives into their own hands and direct themselves toward the purpose they were created to fulfill.

I am now on a mission to build a worldwide community of people who refuse to accept the current status quo. You are NOT your trauma. You are NOT your stress. You are NOT your history. You are so much more than that. I am committed to building global awareness of the reality that we were born to heal and develop into Awe-Thentically Beautiful human beings with the strength and power to change the world in magnificent ways. Even if only within  each individual household or community. Each one makes a difference and contributes to a whole, thriving, healed world.

In my work in my quiet little corner, I started to notice that people quickly caught this vision and enthusiastically worked toward this change in their own lives. Whether it was running events in my local community, individual work with people in California, or dedicating my time to incredible people from all over the world in my online (FaceBook) community, I noticed that people were open about the fact that they wanted to be more Awe-Thentic and that they were wiling to do whatever it took to do that. I have used my training as a Marriage and Family Therapist along with the tools I've developed for self-healing to help people make these shifts and changes quickly. I turns out, with the tools in your own hands, these changes happen much more quickly than you may believe. People are regularly trading years of therapy for a few months of learning effective tools that empower them to take their growth into their own hands. You can, too.
The following beliefs drive most of my actions:
  • Most of us WANT to live our best lives, Awe-Thentically following our inner guru, but the field of mental health is young and has been ill-equipped to help those of us who have experienced multiple or extensive traumas.
  •  The "medical model" from which psychotherapy is derived considers the THERAPIST the expert, instead of YOU. You know your own life and what is right for you. Nobody else can know that for you.
  • You were born with a pre-programmed ability to heal. Just like your skin heals after it is cut, your body/mind/soul can do the same thing. You just need the right information and support.
  •  While the current mental health system has MANY helpful tools, many therapists aren't equipped or ready to graduate you from treatment as quickly as possible.
  •  In order to live your Awe-Thentic Life,  you have to be brutally honest and take serious action, with the right tools and techniques to support your life change.
  • There is a different way for you to live more of a fulfilled life, you simply need to know the right tools and techniques for you.
  • You have resiliently overcome your life's challenges, but there are still parts of yourself and your current situation that confuse you. You want to understand these things in a way that enables you to complete the work and that results in a sense of peace and self-empowerment.
  • The change that we need most in our life, often comes from as a result of a deeper understanding of who we are, but most of us don't know what to do with the information we find at those deeper levels.
  •  Healing yourself doesn't need to hurt. The pain you carry, trying to ignore, is causing you MORE pain that you will experience in just doing the work to release the pain from your Body History.
  • Being in a community of like minded people, who are honest, open, vulnerable and in pursuit of doing whatever it takes to win their life is essential.
If you share any of these values, you are most definitely in the right place. There are big things to come for you in your life and I would be honored to support your Awe-Thentically You Revolution!
Welcome to Awe-Thentically You! the Revolution.
Let's do this!
See you inside. Tamara Bess
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