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Below you'll find our complete suite of step by step courses for those who want to activate their
inner guru, heal their lives and step into their Awe-Thenticity, now.
Pick a course that’s right for you and kick-start your Awe-Thentically You! Revolution today.
6 Steps to Activate Your Self-Healing System
Are you:
  • Tired of listening to "experts" who don't seem to understand what you're going through?
  • Disappointed by therapists who don't seem to understand themselves, let alone you?
  • Dealing with triggers that are causing you to live a more restricted life than you want?
  • Aware that there is a mass of potential within you but you have got no idea how to tap into it?
  •  Someone who believes that there should be a way to completely heal - even though you haven't found it yet?
Living Your Awe-Thentic Life On Purpose
Are you:
  •  Ready  to go deeper into your purpose, but finding yourself unsure of what that purpose could be?
  • Finding that you KNOW what your vision is, but you get blocked when it comes to taking action?
  • Hearing a voice within calling you to greater things, but find yourself hesitating for some reason?
  • Taking steps toward your purpose, but finding yourself in confusion or fear that blocks your progress?
  • Aware that the 100% support of a mentor is what you need to step into your Awe-Thentic Purpose?
Parenting Awe-Thentically - Ending Patterns of Abuse
Are you:
  • Committed to giving your children a different experience than you had in childhood?
  • Finding that in spite of your best intentions, you sometimes display behaviors that you hate?
  • Convinced that your children deserve more that you've been able to offer in terms of nurturing?
  • Ready to heal yourself while you help your children thrive?
  • Looking for a philosophy and real-life tools that will help you grow resilient children with high self-worth who will contribute positively to society?
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