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It's Time To Take Your Life Back With:
The 2 Most Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself RIGHT NOW To Release Fear
I exist to empower you to awaken your inner guide in 
powerful and soul-healing ways that allow the path to open toward what you know you were created to do in this life!
Join the movement of real people who agree that survival just isn't enough. No SPAM, No BS!
You were created to be whole, well & perpetually self-healing.
You were created to release limitations &
 step into your Awe-Thenticity.
Now is the time to start. Tamara Bess
Life Doesn't Always Turn Out The Way We Had Hoped
For some of us, things happened to us and those things continue to get in the way of our dreams. 
Even though what happened wasn't our fault, it seemed to change the course of our life . . . . 
it stopped us from believing in ourselves, so we let go of dreams. 
But we KNOW deep down that we still deserve those things we used to dream of.
So we ask ourselves this very important question: 
Do I really have to let go of what I've always wanted
 because of what happened to me?
Here is what Tamara's clients have said about her:
“Tamara Bess, LMFT has provided us with the knowledge and tools to be able to discern the difference between fear based / victim thinking and empowered thinking. She has educated us on how to recognize these dynamics in friendships, working environments, families, and social groups as well as in romantic relationships. Tamara has assisted in teaching us how to reconnect to our intuitive selves so that we can trust our own judgment. We no longer feel compelled to rely on outside sources to know what is best for us. She has helped us develop the ability to run a ‘self diagnostic’ when we are troubled. We are able to identify emotional pain as a cue for our internal ‘warning system’ and troubleshoot the source of our doubts or misgivings. 
The self-sufficiency this has provided us gives ‘living green’ a whole new meaning.” 

– Shannon Faye (
Following a lifetime of trauma, I knew I had to figure out how to be well, happy & thriving because no one else seemed to have the answers...

I created a system that enabled me to leave my trauma behind & step into my Awe-Thentic Self. Even more important it has given me the power to realize my life passion.
As a result, I've been leading the path to freedom for my clients to be who they really are for the last 20 years.
… And now it’s your turn.
I had to dig deep, go where others were afraid to go & dedicate myself to complete healing.
I had to TRUST MY OWN INNER GURU to lead me to living as I was intended to live in the world.
I had to become my own best advocate . . . and now it’s your turn.
I discovered that instead of trying to avoid my feelings, I had to listen to my body
to release fear and start living the way I knew that I really deserved to live.
My guess is that it's now or never for you too, right?
FREE Video Training:
 2 Powerful Questions to ask yourself Right Now to Release Fear
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  • Learn exactly when to ask these 2 powerful questions to help you move into right action - that you know you want to take
  • Empower yourself with this life-changing tool that allows you to shift away from fear within seconds
  • Access to our online community of other beautiful, resilient souls who refuse to accept the idea that past trauma results in an inevitable lifetime of pain
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See you inside.
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