The 15 Rules of OUR Revolution
We choose to be family. Family are for life.
If you commit to being your Awe-Thentic Self and changing the world in ways that are unique to your Awe-Thentic vision, you will always be welcome here. This is your home, we make a choice to be family and we check in on family to support one another, to see how each other is doing.
Family commit themselves to each other’s success.
This is a “we” thing, not a “me” thing.
This belongs to us – to me, to you, to us. Each and everyone of us contributes to starting our Awe-thentically You  revolution in our own lives, our streets, our cities and in the world. We are a group of people who are passionately committed to having a profoundly positive impact on the world through living our Awe-Thentic lives. We chose to make it our responsibility to see ‘healthy Awe-Thenticity’ flow like a river, wherever we set our feet. 
There is no “guru” only  the guru within and the “us,” learning, growing and sharing together.
We make the very best decisions and choices for our lives.
The pursuit of Awe-Thenticity means that we make a decision about who we are and what we do, even in the secret places. We continuously choose to place ourselves with people, places and situations that inspire us to be the absolutely best version of ourselves. We make decisions about who is in and who is out of our lives in the knowledge that those who do not value our Awe-Thenticity will encourage us to stumble and fall but those with bigger
dreams than ours will inspire us to even greater things. We nurture mutually satisfying relationships that resonate with our own sense of self-respect, self-compassion, self-confidence and self-trust.

We are in consistent pursuit of living Awe-Thentically and of inspiring others to do the same.
We know that life is precious, that we live life once. We commit ourselves to understanding who we are and to consistently uncovering our true identity. We know our strengths; we see our weaknesses as opportunities for growth. We value growth as essential to well-being. We understand our values and our own definitions of success and of healthy Awe-Thenticity. We know the good, the bad and the ugly and yet we are still resilient and committed to building that resilience.  We won’t stop growing. 
We are committed to becoming more Awe-Thentic every single day.
The greatest failure is in never doing.
You have an Awe-Thentic purpose here on planet Earth. Your Awe-Thentic Voice will change lives; primarily, your own. Then, your influence can develop to impact more people: in your home, in your neighborhood, in the world. The only way that any of this can happen is if you get up, every single day and hold yourself accountable to your own healing and life's purpose. Every wall is to be leaped, every dead end is to be conquered in the knowledge that you are getting closer and closer to the realization of your dream. Failure is simply a map pointing the way to greater accomplishment. Never give up.
We are all ‘elders’ who impart wisdom.
Your story and your Awe-Thentic Voice imparts wisdom that someone else in our community needs. Every life experience, every piece of knowledge gained, every idea, every thought is valuable. No matter who you are or where you are from you have wisdom to share. We always impart wisdom and we always respect the wisdom of each other.
The highest good is achieved when we honor our own 
Truth and that of others.
Within our community, we recognize that each of us in unique with different paths to our own Awe-Thenticity. We listen to and honor our own truth while empowering those around us to do the same. We hold no judgment. Only love, support, compassion and mutual respect. We see in each other complementary gifts, talents and abilities. There is no competition here. Only loving support as we each move more fully into our Awe-Thentic Selves.
We will never value money more than “Awe-Thenticity”.
Sure, money is important. We need to meet our basic needs – keep a roof over our heads, pay for food and the things that we need in life. However, when the balance of the pursuit of our desire is in the favor of money over Awe-Thenticity, we always, always have money issues. It is only when you pursue being the very best for yourself, those around you and the world does money flow. When you pursue becoming your Awe-Thentic Self above
all else money naturally comes as a result of the amount that you give - if your pursuit includes following a passion intended to increase your financial abilities.
We are in community, yet we focus on self-improvement over competition or changing others.
It’s pointless looking at those in our family and seeking to be as good as, or better than them. You are unique and beautiful. Competition has no place in the personal growth process. The focus on healing as a resilient, change-proficient process means that each focuses on personal growth. We strive to cheer each other in achievements and encourage each other during struggle while recognizing personal responsibility for growing our own highest self.
We choose an Empowered Mentality 
rather than seeing ourselves as victims.
We understand that resiliently stepping forward and rising from the ashes requires an awareness that if change is to happen, it must come from within. We recognize that although outside circumstances may be challenging, we are capable of resolutely trusting our inner guide to show us the way to overcome. We remember that there is always a solution, whether or not we have yet identified it. We know that giving up is never an option. We trust ourselves to emerge stronger, more confident and more capable as a result of the obstacles we've overcome.
We choose to identify the good, the uplifting, the positive in life.
When we hate Monday’s, when we allow people to frustrate us, when the smallest things place us in a negative state, we are never every truly being all that we can be. We make a decision to explore life, to engage with it, to interact with it, to mold it and play with it. We make a commitment to ensuring that even if we are in a current state of struggle, we continue to identify the good, the uplifting and the positive. We understand that an optimistic outlook allows every challenge to be navigated with greater ease and joy and allows us to relish positive outcomes with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment. We seek to maintain this outlook on a daily basis.
We live in a world where everything is possible.
The only limits in our lives are the ones that we place on ourselves. We abolish limits, push our fears and overcome boundaries. We will never choose to accept to live in a world of “I can’t” but will
keep pushing, trying and experimenting until “I can”.
We take serious action.
The only way to push boundaries and to make the impossible, possible is by taking action. We never know until we try, we never master until we break through. We determine to take action in every area of our lives.
When our Body says "Stop" - We pause, but we don't quit.
The self-growth, self-healing journey to our Awe-Thentic self can sometimes be bumpy, scary and unknown. We have learned to trust ourselves and our bodies. In this, as in any journey, we allow our body to guide us in the path. When our internal signals say to stop, to rest, to pause and wait for direction, we do that. We honor that practice in our own lives and in the lives of each individual within our community.
We are life change instigators in our own lives, in our
communities and in the world.
We have an abiding belief that every individual was created for a purpose, a secret dream to be fulfilled. We know that once we are empowered into our own Awe-Thenticity, we can strengthen others to do the same. We envision our homes, our communities and our world filled with empowered, resilient self-healers with the power to self-direct toward their secret dreams. We are a catalyst for empowering others to step into their Awe-Thenticity wherever we set our feet. We nurture mutually satisfying relationships that resonate with our vision of a healthy, Awe-Thentic home, community and world. We take steps toward this vision daily.
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